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At TaxQuik we are committed to a high level of customer service, and that means addressing your queries in easy to understand language.  Submit any tax-related questions to us on our blog - our consultants are qualified and ready to offer their assistance.

Can I get a same-day refund with an online return?

Same day refunds are only available to selected clients under special circumstances.

How much does it cost for a return?

Every return is different, so it's not easy to provide a generic quote. Your fee will be based on the complexity of the return. As a guide a simple salary and wages return starts from *$110. *(this fee is subject to change depending on the complexity of the return and the type of payment method selected)

What if I haven't submitted a return for a number of years?

As a registered Tax Agent we are able to complete your returns for prior years and lodge them electronically with the ATO.